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November 29, 2011

1000 Islands U.S.A

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With some trepidation, I attempted to make some breakfast for my cousins. Normally, this would not be an issue, but when one is working in someone else’s kitchen and the equipment is not in the best state, whatever effort I was to make would ultimately turn into an embarrassment. Sure enough, my dismal attempt at making fried eggs, bombed badly. The eggs stuck to the pan and turned into scrambled mush. Zoran came to the rescue and finished the eggs. I did successfully make poached eggs for his wife, so there was a chance to redeem myself. Breakfast was really unusual, fried eggs on raisin toast. An acquired taste?
We started our road trip a little late and drove about two and a half hours to a town called Brockville in the US. The drive was eventful as I was stuck at the back with the two kids. Normally they are well behaved, but I guess the strange combination of eggs on raisin toast made them a little hypo. So I tried to play referee as they played, fought, laughed and fought more. No matter how many times their parents said enough, it was all to no avail. I unbuckled Djuki and swapped places, with me now in the middle, Millie started crying and Djuki quietened down.
We arrived at our destination, or so we thought, to be caught in the middle of a town marathon event. We navigated our way through the crowd to the marina to buy tickets for our boat cruise, only to discover we were in the wrong place. Running back to the car, jumping in and hurtling down the freeway for another eighty kilometres, we arrived just in time to buy tickets and get in the queue to embark on cruise. The boat was large and accommodated several hundred passengers. We found some seats with difficulty and settled in to our two and a half hour scenic cruise around 1000 Islands. The weather was overcast and a little cool, with light drizzles of rain, but nonetheless it was a beautiful and relaxing tour.
It was certainly “life styles of the rich and famous”, for the stately homes, mansions and holiday homes were beautiful and very elegant. The highlight was a castle called ‘Singer Castle’ and it was stunning. There was the option to disembark and explore the little island and castle, but we opted to stay on and continue. The islands are shared by both the US and Canada.
Upon completion, we drove home with me in the front seat with Zoran. The drive home was better because the kids and their Mum slept in the back seat and it gave Zoran and myself the opportunity to talk some more. We stopped at a town to buy supplies for dinner, but unfortunately I was not able to stay for dinner because Kathy wanted me home. Yes, it did cause some problems and I was in the middle-again!


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