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January 30, 2012

Counting Down The Remaining Days in Canada

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Awoke early after an almost sleepless night. The hotel room was very hot during the night and would not cool down, plus there was a lot of noise on the streets that kept me awake. I was very lucky to get a taxi to the train station with a very friendly and helpful driver. He showed me where Tim Horton’s was located so I could buy myself some much needed breakfast. For all those people who do not know who or what Tim Horton’s is, it s a coffee franchise that is very popular in Canada? Not only does it serve coffee, but breakfast pastries to do no justice to the waistline. Personally, the coffee is very ordinary and yet is was one of the best places to get a decent caffeine hit. So with my croissant, blueberry muffin and steaming cup of coffee, I boarded the train bound for Montreal. The trip was long, yet uneventful, but the best part was that the train was on time all the way. My cousin’s were waiting for me at the train station with some bad news. My aunt, my mother’s older sister had passed away two days before from a long illness. I have been expecting this news for many months and when I was finally told, it felt so surreal and I was in shock. The first thing I did when we arrived home was to phone my Mum and convey my condolences and get the details of her passing. It was then, talking with my Mum that my emotions surfaced and I cried. The hardest part is that I would not be with the family at this time of need. I spoke to my aunt’s two daughter’s and they are both very upset at her passing and yet comforted that her suffering is now over. May she rest in peace.

The next day, Dura left with his friends to the cabin in Zec for some male bonding that consisted of fishing and eating. This gave Kathy and I to spend some time together, but even that did not go smoothly, for her ever difficult mother-in-law made our lives difficult with her whinging, complaining and fussiness on EVERYTHING. God bless mother-in-laws???????????

On his trip home from Zec, Dura’s car broke down and he could of been killed had luck not been on his side. Driving through the national park, there is a two hour trip via a very bumpy dirt road and it was on this road that the car’s front axle broke in two. The front wheels collapsed inwards and the car swerved off the road. Now had Dura been on a freeway, travelling at a faster speed, it would have been all over for him. We received a call from him explaining his predicament and that he would be home very late.

Two days later, Dura had convinced Kathy and I to take a road trip with him to go and bring the car home. Should have known better that this would be a journey to remember. He had to run around and try to find a trailer that his car could handle the weight of not only the trailer, but the car as well. There was a lot of confusion and lack of communication before he eventually found what he needed. The drive along the freeway was noisy as the trailer having no weight to hold, rattled the whole way. But, there was a lot of funny bits in-between. I sat in the front passenger seat and Dura and I spent the whole journey singing, laughing and arguing. There was some truly breathtaking scenery along the way and wildlife that I could only dream about. Dura told me about a marijuana plantation situated on the side of the freeway and sure enough, he knew exactly where to stop. He got out of the car, ran across the freeway, jumped the fence and cut off a long stem of the potent stuff. He came back to the car and threw me the stem and stupid idiot that I am, took a HUGE whiff of the stuff and nearly died. My eyes started watering, my nose hairs started burning and I thought my head was going to explode. I had no idea that the fresh stuff was lethal? Well, I provided a great source of entertainment and have to this day, never lived that down. We arrived at our destination and loaded the car up onto the trailer and made our way home slowly. We were privileged to see two beautiful moose on the road side and I was amazed at their size. We stopped at a restaurant for dinner in a small town and then continued on our way. We arrived home in the early hours of the next day, tired and weary of an eventful day. Need some sleep……….


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