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April 1, 2012

It Is Never Easy To Say Good-Bye To A Beloved Friend

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Nadine has two pet rabbits that she is besotted with. Lucy is a huge black coloured young girl, that rules the house and over poor little Luke. But the fight has gone out of her and slowly over the past few days that I have been staying, there have been signs that all is not well. It came to pass last night when Nadine lay vigil the whole evening with her little friend and once morning arrived, it was decided that she would take both rabbits to the vet for a health overhaul. I waited until Nadine came back and then we decided to go for a drive to Lucern to take our minds off the events.
Only ten minutes into our journey, Nadine got a call from the vet with bad news. Lucy had incurable cancer of the uterus and a decision needed to be made? Nadine broke down and cried and although I tried comforting her, it was obvious that she was in turmoil as to the decision that lay before her. We turned the car around and raced back to the vet’s surgery. From this point onwards, it became difficult for me because Nadine was very stressed and moody and she became difficult to comfort. She had no support and I willingly decided to stay with her and share whatever burden she faced. If only I knew what I had gotten myself in?
We both had access to Lucy, who lay quietly upon the bed oblivious to the the painful decision that was made to end her suffering. The vet left us for a few minutes, allowing Nadine to say good-bye. I have never had to watch any animal being euthanised before, let alone a beloved pet. I kew that it would be hard and although I tried to brace myself and be strong, it was to no avail. I had to look away and as my tears flowed freely and I struggled with my emotions, I knew then and there, that I could never do this again. Regardless of the need to put this animal out of her pain and that it was done painlessly and with the love of her owner/friend comforting her as she began her journey into the next life, it was one of the hardest things that I have had to witness.
Nadine made arrangements for Lucy to be cremated the next day and with that all planned, we drove home in a very sombre mood with tears still in our eyes. The day was never the same and I felt that I was only in the way. So I offered to leave Nadine to her sorrow and deal with it the best way she knew. I went for a walk and spent the day enjoying a beautiful Autumn day.
I stayed out as long as I could and before the sun went down, I walked home wary of what I would find? Sure enough, Nadine was drowning her sorrow in beers, but it was a relief to me that she had calmed down and at peace with her decision. Her tears never stopped flowing, but she was calm and we were able to reminisce about Lucy and the delights she brought to Nadine’s life. Poor Luke was lost without his girlfriend and kept looking for her. Tomorrow would be a hard day again and one that I was certainly not looking forward to!


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