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May 24, 2012

Miracles Come in Many Forms

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Oh, what an absolute SHIT day!  After last nights positive experience, I was on a high. I woke early, tired but ever ready for my next adventure to Turin. Both Lidia and Lucia came with me to the Milan train station to farewell me and that was when the trouble began.

Turin you ask? It may not be high on any itinerary, but considering that it is the chocolate capital of Italy, home to a recent Winter Olympics and home to two of Italy’s best opera singers (Pavarotti and Bocelli), I thought, why not? Ok, honestly it was the chocolate part that won me over. To continue my story………..

As always when travelling by train, the conductor comes at the start of the journey to check tickets. No problem! I have a burgundy coloured plastic folder that houses all my tickets and passes for my entire journey. Once my ticket is checked, I usually put the folder back into my bag. I use the word ‘usually’, that was until today when I decided to be slack and leave the folder on the little side tablet near the window. You can see where this story is going? That was my first mistake. My second mistake was, that I did not know that Turin has two major stations. So when we arrived into Turin, I was not prepared and in my haste to get off the train, I left my folder behind. It was only when I got off the train that I realised, but by that time it was too late for the train was departing. Panic set in. I went and found the ‘customer care’ office only to discover that they were no help at all. The two men there were only interested in talking and they spoke NO English. I then went to the ticket office and the attendant did make a phone call, but the person on the other end did not want to help, therefore the woman attendant told me that she could not help. Desperation was building up and so I found the police station. The officer was very understanding but asked why it was that I came to the police? I explained what just happened and it was then that I discovered that there was another train station (the major one) and the one that I was meant to get off. Bloody hell!

A very kind taxi driver took me to the main train station Porta Novua and again I went to the ‘customer care’ office. They were not interested and plainly said that I should forget about my ticket, it was gone! How can one forget about a $3000 worth plastic folder that contained MY DREAMS? Ok, back to the police. Now I have to say that the officers were very kind. One in particular spoke English and tried all that he could to help. He was very sympathetic and good looking, which helped. But in defeat, he told me to go to the ticket office. So I went! Here I met two beautiful people who helped me so much. The female attendant tried hard and got her manager Giovanni to also help. Giovanni came back with me to the police station to fill-out a ‘stolen report’. All avenues were taken and yet I ended up having to buy a new $2400 train pass. I was so angry with myself for making such a huge blunder.

Defeated, I went to my hostel to check- in. Got to my room, unpacked and went back downstairs to use the computer to check my emails. The very first email that came up was “I Have Found Your Ticket”! I almost fell off my chair is utter disbelief!  The gentleman’s name was Guiseppe and he spoke little English. He basically wrote that he found my folder and wanted to know how he could get it back to me? He wrote down his telephone number. I tried ringing it, but it was incorrect. Frustrated, I emailed him back, telling him of the problem and left the hostels number. Within minutes, he rang the hostel and through the female hostel attendant, they were able to organise a meeting point tomorrow to get my folder back. Relieved, happy, blessed are only a few words to describe me astonishment and luck of getting my ticket back.

Now tell me, who does NOT believe in miracles? For if that is not a great example, then I do not know what is? But more importantly, someone is truly looking after me and for that alone, I am blessed!

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