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August 27, 2012

Vidi Vincenza

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When I eventually decided to undertake my marathon backpacking journey, I really had to put to reason the wisdom of carrying a laptop. The decision in the end was easy. To stay in a hostel you lose two things; privacy and security. So a laptop is a luxury that I could not afford to be stolen. I use computers supplied by the hostels at exorbitant rates and limited time. My journey is first recorded in my journal and then transcribed onto my blog.

So where is this all leading to, you ask?

When in a foreign country and without the knowledge or understanding of the language via television/newspapers, I would become ignorant of the daily news around the country and subsequently, the world. So you can imagine my surprise this morning, when my hostess Simone, kindly informs me on my departure, that I may not have a hostel to visit in Vincenza. Whoops! That was not part of the plan and I was at a loss what to do next. Northern Italy had been subjected to unprecedented amounts of rain and the damage bill was in the millions. After much deliberation, I decided to leave for Vincenza and just hope for the best.

So it is with a reluctant heart that I say goodbye to Rome. A week was never going to be enough, but in saying that; with all the humanity and traffic, it was enough and I was ready for my next adventure.

So why Vincenza?

My main mode of travel is via rail and with that in mind, many of my destinations are dictated by ease of travel. I carry upon my back about 30 kilograms and with the language barrier, I need to make my journey as easy as possible. But Vincenza is an ideal base that would allow me the chance to travel to the neighbouring cities of Padua, Verona and Venice. And for all the  architect buffs, it is the home to Italy’s, and indeed the world’s most famous architect; Andrea Palladian. I am an admirer and could think of no greater pleasure than to walk the streets that he helped define.

After a three hour journey through mist and rain, I arrived tired and relieved. A quick bus trip to the front door of my hostel, that is still standing and apparently undamaged by the floods. My host is a very friendly man and he kindly updated me on the past two weeks of rain and floods. My room is clean and although small, comfortable. Alone, I unpack my things and then go for a walk to acquaint myself with the city. Then it dawns upon me. Directly behind the hostel, is the raging river of the city. Muddy brown and still surging with run-off from the mountains, I pray that I can get through the next couple of days without getting my feet wet.

The city is beautiful and although not on par with Italy’s greatest and well-known cities, Palladian is well represented and admired. His style is elegant, universal and recreated many times over in the past few centuries. No traffic! No noise! Just the simple and peaceful life that I am looking forward to exploring.

When I arrive back at the hostel, I am not alone. My room also plays host to a new roommate.

You know that immediate feeling when you first meet someone and you just know that you will like them or not? Beautiful big brown eyes and a warm smile; meet my friend Suzy. She greeted me and we became instant friends. Visiting her cousin Ramsey who is studying music at the university, she originates from Jordan. I have never met anyone from Jordan and I was keen to learn from her and understand that part of the world. We talked, laughed and made plans that at any window of opportunity, we would do some sight-seeing together. Happy, I just knew that coming to Vincenza was one of my best decisions.

NB. I would like to dedicate my journey in Vicenza to Suzy. We only spent a few days together, but they were the most memorable and enjoyable. Thank you for the memories and thanks for being a true friend.



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