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May 31, 2013

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

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For those of us lucky to live in the southern hemisphere, we have the unrivalled delight of experiencing the world different to those in the north. Australia does not get affectionately called ‘Down Under‘ for no reason and maybe this adds to the charm of a country that is predominately desert. I know that I can safely write that most Australian’s dream of experiencing a ‘white christmas’ at some stage in their life. I am no exception. For us, Christmas is not celebrated  in winter woolies, but in shorts, t-shirts and swimmers. We do not traditionally sweat near an oven baking turkey and all the trimmings, but outside beside our BBQ cooking seafood. The summer weather ensures hot days of sweat and humidity; the beach our favourite afternoon destination to cool-off and spend quality time with the family. It is all so surreal to the many cultures up north who experience bitter cold weather and snow on the most celebrated day of the year.

So here I am, travelling through Europe during winter, alone and Christmas Day upon me. I arrived in Luzern last night after an epic journey from Den Hague in the Netherlands. The weather is bitterly cold and although snow has recently fallen, there is no guarantee it will come to the party tomorrow. You see, I was once fooled twelve years ago when I lived in Germany for eighteen months. It snowed before and after Christmas, but never on the day and not wanting to get my hopes up, I have no expectation of what will eventuate on the day. When I wake (not being able to help myself), I walk over to the large window and pull aside the curtain and this is what I see…….

DSC00627     DSC00628

A thick white blanket of snow covering everything and I squeal with elation and relief that finally I will experience a dream. My roommate Nellie cannot understand what the fuss is about because for her this is normal. We are both alone and decide to spend the day together somewhere we can hopefully eat a wonderful hot Christmas lunch. No easy feat because most places here have closed  down. While I wait for Nellie to get ready, I go downstairs to the foyer and find another young Chinese couple who are in need of companionship. I strike up a conversation with them and quickly invite them along. We make our way by bus to the city and Nellie is confident she knows a place that will be open. Unfortunately, so does every person in Luzern and although full, Nellie is able to secure a table for us within fifteen minutes. The power of language and persuasion. The menu is expensive but the food is delicious. Honestly, I could have eaten anything as I am elated  to have friends and out of the cold.

When I write cold, I mean freezing. The temperature plummeted to minus fifteen degrees and my boots failed me completely. Only of thin leather, I had not prepared myself adequately for the sudden onslaught of winter and my feet froze. After lunch we walked around the city and try as I could, my smile quickly faded and  replaced by pain. My feet have never been so cold and it felt like solid blocks of ice. Numb and in pain, I desperately needed to thaw and parted company with my friends and went back to the hostel.

Back at the hostel, warm and thawed, I meet a new friend. Lana arrived late in the evening and we instantly became friends. She is from Australia and we have a lot in common, not just because of our country, but our love of yoga, meditation and spiritual awakening. The next few days will prove very interesting.




  1. I hope you got some Snow boots! They are a godsend in that freezing weather 🙂

    Comment by perthians — June 26, 2013 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

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