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June 4, 2013

Einsteins City – Bern

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Yesterday, I woke with a headache and nausea; as expected, and ask myself the obvious question – why? We farewell Christiane, who I shall meet up with again in a few days time in Berlin, and Lana went to visit her friend. I had the day to myself and as tempting as it was to feel sorry for myself, I decided not to waste a day moaning and caught the train to Lausanne. In hindsight, my decision may have been hastily made and I do not know how I kept the contents of my stomach (and not embarrass myself) from the swaying of the train. Thankfully I survived! Lausanne, although in Switzerland, is very much a French city.

DSC00740     DSC00742     DSC00744


I am feeling better today, Lana and I plan to spend the day exploring the capital of Switzerland. We leave our hostel late and arrive in Bern just before lunch. At the train station, is a very popular vegetarian restaurant called Tibits. I know nothing of this place, nor its reputation, but Lana is a vegetarian and knows this place and is really keen to have lunch there. The place is full and getting a table proved a little difficult. But we succeeded. Lunch is very different here and has an unusual setup. It is buffet style and after you have filled your plate, you go to the counter to pay; by weight. I have never seen this before and found it unusual and expensive. But in saying that, the food is great and extremely healthy. Both Lana and I have a sweet tooth and have eyed the dessert section since we arrived. I must be honest, I was expecting the deserts to be ordinary because they are made from soy. My profession is a pastry chef and I have never baked or used soy during my career. I am very much a traditionalist when it comes to tampering with something that works, but I also love to try something new and am open to new ideas. I can write and say that the sour cherry tiramisu and soy baked cheesecake were both delicious, not to forget the delicious mango lassi afterwards.

DSC00746     DSC00745     DSC00750

After lunch, we explore more of the city and discover a museum dedicated to Albert Einstein. I love Einstein! He is not the usual appearance normally associated with a scientist or genius and yet, that is what I was drawn to. A little man, with unkempt hair, not very attractive, and yet apparently a ladies man, who also did not do very well at school and yet he became a leader in science and changes the world. The museum is wonderful and charts his life in photo’s and footage from his youth, adulthood and finally to his stunning career as a scientist. We could have stayed all day, but we had to keep moving as the day was slowly coming to an end.

DSC00752     DSC00753     DSC00754

Bern is a small city compared to the more popular Zürich or Geneva. Unfortunately for both Lana and I, the day was miserable and very dark, but what delights the city showed us and it made us appreciate the beauty and culture of this little capital. This is my final day exploring Switzerland, and what a journey! I arrived in Switzerland more than two months ago and left two weeks later disheartened and upset, believing that I would not return. But I overcame that set-back and returned determined not to allow someone to deny me the pleasure of this beautiful country. I have explored Zürich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne, Luzern and the surrounding countryside and have been utterly charmed

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d...

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d’Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by its beauty and the people. I have met wonderful friends and bumped into a few people who I would love to forget, but the adventure has been a blast and I would not change it for anything. Adieu!



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